Luke’s Escape Game

Dreams are stronger than fate...


How hard is it to escape your dream,
When nothing is as real as it seems?
You want to open your eyes,
Leave behind the horror and cries.
But sadly you’ve got to wait,
Sometimes dreams are stronger than fate.

You play as Luke, an ordinary kid, who is having an extraordinary never ending nightmare. Can you help Luke Escape?

Platforms: Pc, Mac, Playstation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch
Play Time: 1.5h+
Genre: Puzzle- Platformer, Adventure
Developer: Make Indies
Release Date: TBA


Masked Man is the keeper of the souls and the one who looks after the abandoned glass factory. Every full moon, he summons a child into his nightmare, he takes out the souls of the children and make then stay in his nightmare forever.

Luke had a very depressing past as his mother passed away in a car accident. Luke’s relationship with his father is good enough but it can’t fulfill all the love and support he could have gotten from his beloved mother.


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