First of all Happy New Year to all of you! This new year, I bring you our very first devlog from our upcoming game Luke’s Escape. In a future separate post, I will be sharing the origins of the game but for now I am very excited to share the progress of the game that we have achieved since Dec 2019.

Progress Update

For now we are 3 people working on the game, 2 (Programmer & Animator) part-time and myself full time as a 3D Artist, Level Design + many other roles. As per the plan, there are going to be different environments in the game: Luke’s House, Dark Forest, Factory, Cave and The Apple Tree. This month, we have managed to complete many of the props from the Dark Forest, I will definitely need some more to keep populating my scene and have variation throughout the game.

Being a 3D Artist, I quiet enjoy modeling, texturing and animating as many props as I can so that later I can design levels in a good flow. I am happy to share with you the props from the Abandoned Glass Factory & the final look of the Factory’s Entrance.

I’d also like to share my favorite prop with all of you: A butterfly in a glass jar. I wouldn’t spoil it for you now but the butterflies in the game generally hold a big meaning.

Marketing Update

Learning to be good at it...

In April I launched my second game ‘Ellen – A 2D Pixel Art Horror Game’ on Steam and now you can also find on PlayStation, Xbox and Nintendo Switch.
I believe one of the reasons I didn’t hit big was because I didn’t share enough with the community.

I now have a daily update from Luke’s Escape on my twitter!

I’d love to know if you have any feedback and comments about Luke’s Escape Game Development so far or feel free to ask me anything you’d like to know about Game Development or 3D Art in general.
Thank you for reading the devlog and see you next time!
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