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Do you have a game or an Interactive project in mind? We can make it happen!

About Us

Both of us as a team, we have been creating games since 2015. With every new project, we decide our next achievement. Our very first game ‘Deer Man’ was green-lit on Steam in just 11 days, released in 2016 and played by popular influencer’s on YouTube.

Our last game title Ellen – A 2D Pixel Art Horror game was released on Steam, PlayStation, Xbox and Nintendo Switch.

To support our game development we’ve decided to take on freelance jobs. We are professionals in making Independent customized games, single or multiplayer with AI. Your game can be as realistic as possible or you can keep it stylized. We got you covered.

What We’ve Worked On

2019 - Now
Luke's Escape Game
2017 - 2019
Ellen - 2D Pixel Art Horror Game
Deer Man - VR Interactive Storytelling Experience