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At Make Indies we are bunch of creative people who are passionate about video games and latest technology. We have successfully developed and launched titles on Pc & Consoles. 


Help young investigator James uncover the dark truth behind the murder of the Smiths’ and their missing daughter Ellen in this thrilling 2D pixel horror game.

It’s a short Interactive Storytelling experience. You play as Jacob’s memory, where you will have an incredible encounter with Deer Man & the dark side of his love for the wildlife.

We Create Perfect Animations!

There is nothing better than having fluid animations when adding life to your creative projects. At Make Indies, we create both 2D & 3D animations including animations for complex mechanical objects.

We know how to craft the right experience with a flow when animations are needed for Interactive AR & VR experiences. You can count on us and let us surprise you with perfect animations for your projects.

Hire us

Modeling is one of our core expertise,
we model characters, environments and props both low and high poly.

Our well defined pipeline for developing games make sure we develop games at the lowest cost as possible without compromising on the quality.

The player’s bond with the character is one of the most important elements in the game. It’s truly rewarding to see the result when we add personality to the characters to connect with the audience.


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